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Crabgrass control treatment

Did you know that crabgrass is an aggressive summer annual that can produce thousands of seeds? In fact, one crabgrass plant can produce upwards of 250,000 seeds, which can stay viable in the soil for more than one year. These seeds can also travel great distances by wind, animals, and your own shoes.

crabgrass along concrete path

How crabgrass can damage your lawn

Once crabgrass establishes itself in your lawn it’s incredibly difficult to get rid of. The reason is that it actually produces and secrets its own herbicide which can kill nearby plants. It also grows extremely well in exposed or thin areas of your turf, quickly taking over and preventing desirable grasses from thickening up.

Get help from the professionals at GreenAce Lawn Care

Reducing crabgrass in lawns can take a while, but it must start with a clear management strategy. That’s something we’ll absolutely help you with. We’ll evaluate your crabgrass problem and come up with a plan of action to help manage it in the short and long-term. Part of this strategy will include applying crabgrass preventive applications in the spring.


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We Service Areas of Norfolk and Bristol County, Massachusetts Including, Foxborough, Mansfield, Wrentham, Walpole, Plainville, Franklin, Norfolk, Sharon, North Attleborough, and Parts of Attleboro, Stoughton, Canton, Norwood, Norton and Medfield. Learn more about our Complete Lawn Care program.