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Lawn Watering

How a lawn grows and looks at various times of the year depends on a number of factors, such as proper fertilizing, mowing, the weather, etc. But a big factor that determines what your lawn looks like is how much water it receives and (just as important) how it’s receiving that water. The general rule of the thumb is that turf prefers around one inch of water per week whether that’s by sprinkler or rain; although too much rain at any given time can stress it.

Now, how can you tell how much to water your lawn? A simple way is by factoring in the season and the area of your property the turf is located. For example, you’re probably not going to need to water turf as much in the spring (if any) as you are in July and August when summer drought typically sets in. Chance are your lawn to start the year is already receiving the right amount of water to grow and thrive.

Areas of your lawn that are well-shaded likely won’t need as much water as areas of your turf that receive direct sunlight all day or are located on a hill and are therefore prone to water runoff.

However! If turf goes a few days to upwards of a week without the proper amount of water – even near the end of spring – it can quickly dry out. An easy way to tell is by using a trowel, pressing into the ground, and lifting up. If the soil is dusty, the soil (and thus turf) is dry. Once this happens, soil can become hard, making it difficult for water to penetrate and reach root systems. At this point, it can be difficult (if not impossible) to bring the turf back until cooler, wetter weather sets in near the end of summer and fall.

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